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About Us

We are a small family run business and live in rural NSW. My husband and I run two small businesses and we are always looking for that something else. We have four children that also keep us on our toes.

The LooLedge came about during a family dinner around the table talking about other business ideas.

One of our three teenage daughters said she would love somewhere to put her phone when she went to the loo, especially when she is out shopping or in a restaurant.

We instantly googled shelves for toilets and found they were not readily available in Australia.

Enter – The LooLedge. My husband, Peter, who tends to spend long periods of time on the Loo was also very excited about this product – he thought it would really help him to “Prevent The Plunge”.

My mum, Kay, came up with the name “LooLedge” – we think it is such a great name.

We ran the idea past our friends and extended family and we are now constantly getting messages from them to advise us where a LooLedge is needed.

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We hope your new LooLedge helps you to Prevent The Plunge. Thank you for your support and we look forward to putting your items together for you.